Average Hashrate

I am sorry if this question has been asked before but I could not find the answer. Currently I have a few rigs dedicated to another network but I want to switch to BTG. My rigs are based on GPU AMD and CPU AMD and OS Windows 10. I’ve tried before with the new algorythm and I did not have success. Today I set a test miner with a NVidia and I am using lolMiner-144 and my average hash rate is 21.5. I am wondering since I don’t have a comparison is this an acceptable hashrate. Thank you in advance and like I said before I am sorry if this question has been asked before.

Average hashrate depends very much on the exact GPU used. Nobody can answer as to whether 21.5 is fantastic or terrible without knowing the hardware.

Right now, the best miners for NVidia cards are not the same as the best miners for AMD cards - but the AMD miners are improving, as their developers adapt to our new algorithm (a different implementation of Equihash).

If you go to the source page for the miner, you’ll generally find estimates of performance for several common GPUs, with many user-submitted comments; you can always compare to those.

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Just a question, i have 7 x gigabyte 1080 ti turbo’s in a rig, is it best to clock the cpu or the memory on it?
Anyone that have any setings to share?

I currently run them at 170W max, +210 core and +300 memory



What did you mean with no success?
For AMD , you can use LOLMiner .

Hi @Tera

Clocking your card is good to increase your earning.
To clock your cards you can use MsiAfterburner app . it would help to set the core clock and memory clock.
Although every cards has same versions , they might have different setting that is suitable for clocking.

Note. when you increase memory clock , your core clock goes down.
So if your memory clock does not increase your solutions , it is best to put zero on your memory clock.

My 1080 ti , i am using +160 core clock and zero memory clock.
If i raise the core clock higher, it would be overclocked.
Good Ventilation also plays a factor here.

I hope this helps you.

New to mining and to BTG mining. I run a 1060 6GB and get about 22 SOL/s and according to miningpoolhub I produce about 0.02Khash/s This seems extremely low. Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, you’re doing a bad job of understanding what’s “low” for this new algo.

I joke… the answer that it’s not extremely low.

Per WTM, a typical 1060 puts out 23 Sol on Equihash-BTG or Zhash or any of the Equihash 144,5 variants… while it puts out 270 Sol on traditional Equihash 200,9.

So you’re pretty much in the ballpark.

As far as the MPH number - 0.022 Khash, times 1,000, is 22. After all, kilo just means 1,000.