Auto-banned from BTG chats for mentioning!

When BTG forked from BTC, I mined them several years and want to restart mining BTG. When I tried to rejoin BTG discord it said ‘unable to accept invite’ and when I joined BTG telegram I said like ‘when I tried to join discord from link at bottom of it said “unable to accept invitation”’ and got banned for mentioning official site! Can an administrator reinvite/unban me (same username)? Please also make exceptions for official site discussion?

The chatbots handle the auto banning. Consider what behavior you had which triggered the bans.

It should be obvious why links aren’t allowed.

I’ve looked at the bot logs, but there’s no sign of a “dchmelik” having been banned nor in the history of the Discord. Are you sure that’s the correct name?

On Discord my display name was darwin; dchmelik is my account name. I don’t know if I was banned on Discord: haven’t been there years and, as said, ban happened on ‘Telegram’ when asking how to get back into Discord. Please check ‘Telegram’ for ban but for Discord maybe invitation link is broken, or maybe years ago there I mentioned or the BTG pool run by one the BTG programmers (was, also mentioned on and was automatically banned at that time?

Sure, I see why unofficial links aren’t allowed, but it’s not stated you can’t mention official BTG ones, which aren’t advertising rather than relevant to discussing getting started and documentation and the maybe official mining pool, and if bots aren’t programmed to account for this they’re not programmed very well.

Hey Darwin,

My name is Richard. I sincerely apologize for your situation and I am committed to help you fix this. I have sent you a dm on Telegram. My username is @btgafrica


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Rereading rules again, I see links (that technically start with ‘http://’, etc.) aren’t allowed, so technically I broke that even though it wasn’t anything advertising/harmful rather than a question about stuff on the official website. I guess I sort of spaced out late at night when I’d stayed up late trying to reconfigure my BTG miner; sorry for causing this hassle and thanks for giving me another chance (maybe the same happened on Discord years ago last time I had a wallet question or was discussing mining on which is linked on and by one of the BTG programmers?).

I was able to get back in and pressed the button from the Rose bot, but after that it still says ‘the admins of this group have restricted your ability to send messages’… I pressed the button from Rose bot again and it said “You’ve already completed the CAPTCHA” but same error message in the group that I’m restricted. Thanks for working on this!

So, regarding this:

You later said:

So Iooked up Discord user darwin; you’re still there.


It appears you joined the BTG Discord the same day you signed up for Discord.

I don’t think you need an invite; I suspect you just need to log into your Discord account.

I was already logged-in to Discord when I told you the error message I got trying to rejoin BTG Discord. That’s not me (I signed-up in 2017); same display name at top, but account name is below that: I said my Discord account name is dchmelik (it may have been different in the past before they got rid of numbers at end).

You were right (other than my account): Discord had randomly logged me out but didn’t ask to login… I was able to join.

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