Apply to Coinbase?



Hi, have you guys put in or are you considering putting in the new application for being added to coinbase?

I would love to see BTG added to coinbase, while BTG is not hard to get let’s face it coinbase is easy to use and would be a great onboard for the average joe just getting into crypto.

I really like the BTG project and think it has legs to grow and I believe it’s gonna surprise a lot of people in the next couple of years.

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Coinbase already has BTG on their custody list

So even if BTG is not offered on their blue app, there is a big chance BTG gets approved for the custody clients.


That would be cool too, but lets face it it would be really good to be one of their standard coins, im not new to crypto but i use CB alot cause its easy.
When i want to get btg guess what? I use the CB app to get ltc just to send to shapeshift, or eth to send to binance. I would rather skip all that exspecially since btg has been unavailble alot lately on shapeshift…

So i was just wondering if the team had put in an app for the new CB process.

Im gonna sign up for the new exchange
In case anyone doesnt know its a usa based exchange that is starting out with BTG as a main coin. They are using XRP as their main base pair for all coins, and im big XRP supporter.

But it would be great to have a direct easy usd to btg route.


Sooooo anybody know if an application was put in? :wink:


I’m pretty sure if they release this information, their application will be rejected.


I wouldnt think so just saying they put the app in but who knows :man_shrugging:t3:.

I think CB will add it eventually, btg is prolly going to end up being the only really successfull fork in the long run (its the only honest one)… bch aint doing so good lately and for good reason bch is a mess…lol



Hello X07,

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Wow awsome! Thank you!
I hope to be able to contribute more to the forum in the future.
Thanks :smiley:


Coinbase is an excellent platform for buying and selling. If you are doing real-time exchange, GDAX aka Coinbase Pro is a good place to start. They are based on San Francisco so they have access to a large number of investors and are backed by investors all over the world.