Another languanges forum/thread?

Hey guys, I’m wondering if we can have some like ‘another languages’ official forum/thread, focused on people like my friends whom doesn’t know english (even myself, my english is not so good apologize 4 that), I will happy to help, thx.

We’re happy to provide a place for speakers of other languages. Most of us on the team speak another language, and for most of us, the non-English language is primary… and our broader Bitcoin Gold community is obviously Global.

But the standard practice on Discourse forums - forums like this one - is not to create a new Category for discussion topics until there are several Topics open which belong in that Category.

Feel free to open a Topic under “Uncategorized” in whatever language you choose. If we start getting a lot of activity and Topics in non-English, we’ll make a Category for it. If we get a lot of any particular language, we’ll happily make a sub-Category for that.

How’s that sound?


Great! I will glad to collaborate.