Algorithtm of Bitcoin Gold for ethos


Hello! I am new to mining with bitcoin gold and I would like to know what is the algorithm used in ethos, I have tried to search in various sites and a few posts in reddit, but nothing relevant. My rig is composed of 6 GPUs Nvidia Gtx 1060/3 Gbs and 4 Gbs of Ram memory and of course OS of ethos


The algorithm for BTG is technically Equihash with (n, k) parameters of (144, 5). It is sometimes called Equihash<144,5> or Equihash_144_5, and sometimes Zhash.

From the ethOS 1.3.3 changelog (released October 9th 2018):

Added support for lolminer , an AMD equihash 144_5 miner.

It also supports EWBF, an Equihash miner for NVidia GTX that supports the (144, 5) parameters. From the ethOS 1.3.2 changelog (released July 31st 2018):

Added avermore ewbf-equihash nevermore tdxminer xmr-stak xtl-stak


Thanks for answering, sorry for the annoyance but could you send me the complete algorithm? As I said, I’m new to BTG so I do not know what the algorithm used by miners with window or linux.


The algorithm for BTG is equihash 144_5.