Add a coin to

Greetings from Russia. Please negotiate with, this is the largest exchange with mostly Russian traders. Your coin is one of the best and I am sure that in Russia it will be a success.


Thanks for the feedback, @Financetsu!

We can’t directly influence what is listed at [EDIT: previously said], or any other exchange, but we’re actively involved in making sure every exchange is aware that they can add Bitcoin Gold to their markets and that, if they need help, we’re ready to assist them.

But you know who can influence them? You can. Their customers can. Make sure knows you and your community want BTG listed, and we’ll continue to make sure they know how!


I misspelled the link to the site. The correct link I wrote to Russian support for response. I really hope for a positive outcome, I want to help in every way and contribute to your community.


In support of the exchange I was told that they plan to add new coins in a short time, but they did not disclose which ones they will add. Dash, ETH, BCH already have, I hope, will be soon and BTG, I will be happy if you also contact those support.


I will continue to write in support of other exchanges (which are not represented on your website) and send the results of my requests.


Every voice adds to the chorus.