2019 Progress Update #1

_originally posted here: https://bitcoingold.org/2019-progress-update-1/_


  • btgd / btgsuite (from btcd / btcsuite)
    • btgd and btgutil are ready
    • Fixed test cases in btgwallet the last btgwallet test case. Proceeding to final optimization.
  • lnd / neutrino (based on Lightning Labs work)
    • Fixed neutrino dependency
    • Working on Compact Block compatibility
  • Bitcoin Gold Core v0.17.1
    • Merging the latest code to move from .15 branch to .17 branch (70% complete)
    • Fixing Compact Block for mobile LN wallet
    • Expanding from basic SegWit support to SegWit Native (Bech32) address support
    • New partially signed transaction exchange format
  • Collaboration with teams/researchers on combating Secret Mining 51% attacks



  • New Ambassadors in Venezuela and Philippines
    (Ambassadors currently working locally in eight countries)
  • BTG Forum upgrades completed


  • Official website security updates
  • Deep collaboration with Coinness
  • Began collaboration with BC Spark
    • offline meetup 2019 March and a Taiwan meetup in the near future

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