Zhash BTG pool. 0% Fees

Hello dear miners!

Welcome to our BTG pool! We are groiwing and looking for more miners!
Still keeping 0% pool fees for BTG
Worldwide Stratums. Live support!

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What is the link? And for how long will you be running 0% fee promotion?

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Hello, https://btg.zhash.pro/ 0% fees will be at least until pool reached 100 ksol (for now around 64 ksol avg)

Much more effective with the link posted. Good luck, Kosta!

Also… please correct this:

Wallet: Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet v0.15.1

Current Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet is v0.15.2 - anyone still running v0.15.1 or older should install the new version. (Your download link points to the correct version, but people will think they are current if you don’t update the text.)