Z9 chip teardown


In natural environment:

Making environment unnatural:

And now, peeled apart:


And under a scope:



This thing can do traditional Equihash<200,9>, which requires about 140 MB of memory.

This thing cannot do Equihash<144,5>, which is used in Equihash-BTG and requires well over 2GB of memory. It would need an order of magnitude more memory cells, on a chip which would be correspondingly hyuge.

Putting more of these chips in a box does more Equihash<200,9>, but still cannot do Equihash<144,5>.

Thx to GPUHoarder (from Squirrels Research Labs) & Greerso (from VoskCoin) for the hard work, pix, & permission.


Fascinating ! :open_mouth:


oh! shit !!!

superb thank you very much
this information.

Future, inexpensive eRAM production is unknown,
But, obviously, this time we hit them.

I am curious about the <144, 5> price / sols ratio of Z9 and GPU.

Anyway, thank you so much.

oh sorry.

When I think about it, there is not enough space to open the hash.

It is impossible to execute itself, or there is a huge drop in efficiency.

Thank you. haha;;

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Wow. Thanks so much for this informative piece, very interesting.

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