Why the roadmap should be made

can i ask wht btg roadmap not done.Market can be bearish but roadmap is our promis.We should do this and after say other things.Market always can be anything.
We do what on the roadmap.Its make us corporate.Crypto comminity why belive why trust BTG?If roadmap done people can trust btg and dont interested in market bearish or bullish.

Hello, here is the road map. Bitcoin Gold Roadmap 2018

I know all of them.But new investors only look roadmap and ask this:roadmap is done or not.
I say only my observation

One more thing;can make a real time chat box(like troll box).Only forum message like monopoly:)

It’s important to remember that a Roadmap like the one we published in January shows the things we intend to be working on through the year. It’s not a series of due dates. (Anyone copying things from a Roadmap to an online calendar as being “due” is being silly.)

It’s also important to remember that the January Roadmap didn’t include some critical things - such as responding when Bitmain announced the Z9 ASIC miner, or responding when thieves used NiceHash to do 51% attacks against Exchanges using our coin, both of which happened in the middle of Q2.

This why the Roadmap didn’t include our critical Network Upgrade at the end of Q2, which was a massive achievement accomplished less than 10 days ago, and we’re still working hard to confirm that all our partners have any help they need.

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