Why does the Z9mini have a 45% discount sale at this time?


Lately, Bitmain reduced the price of the Z9mini to almost double the price. (45%, 11,000 -> 5,900 wian)

Why did they price this at this point?


Because ASIC pricing is not based on cost - it’s based on how much people will pay, and how much people will pay is based on how much think they can earn in the next 9-12 months mining with it.

In other words, if it costs $300 to make, they don’t sell it for $600 or $700. They estimate 9-12 months earnings - if that’s $2000, they charge $2000. They make the ASIC buyer effectively pay from their future mining revenues. They make ASIC buyers speculate on future coin price/earnings just to buy over-priced hardware.

An Equihash ASIC seemed worth it with high prices and growth just six months ago, and new coins (like ours) having just adopted it…

But now, people have concerns about Equihash - will coins teams abandon it? Will Equihash coins go down in value due to attacks? Will the earnings from a Z9 lead to profit, or is it so expensive that they may not earn it back when all the coins switch away?

So maybe people don’t think they’re worth that much. Maybe people are not buying. So they drop the price.

Just like with Monero Cryptonight algo miners:


When people start to realize the value won’t be there, the price drops.

Or, as we said before: