Why do people seem less interested in BTG

In many forums, people don’t talk much about BTG. Plus, most opinion about BTC and its future is not very optimistic. I bought BTG around a month ago simply because I liked its slogan and philosophy, but its price has been falling down since I bought it. One of the reasons many people analyse for this situation is that most cryptocurrency trading centres don’t support BTG transfer. I’m not a cryptocurrency expert, but I see many kinds of BTG wallets available as posted on your website. What I wonder is why then BTG wallet is still not available in most trading sites including the one I use. I think it’s an important time to do something about promoting BTG because I know many investors are getting tired of losing money by investing in BTG. I know all the cryptocurrencies now move linked to Bitcoin, but the problem is that BTG fluctuates more severely than BTC. When BTC falls down, BTG falls down even more. What’s worse, BTG price doesn’t recover as much as BTC does. And this trend is getting stronger. I feel people are getting tired and skeptical about BTG.


Yeah, prices will recover, don’t worry. Worst case scenario… 1-2 months tops, they’re back :slight_smile:


I gotta say this is really disconcerting, BTG hasn’t been doing well falling form 5th place to 21st is a cause for concern. Yeah the whole market is down but the money is still there and it’s going to all these other projects, and that means going forward when market does recover BTG won’t regain it’s former glory, other currencies have such a huge lead and i’m really getting worried. Could use some real positive news right about now.


Yeah, it’s like they say… Never invest more than you are prepared to lose. HODLER :slight_smile:

@BKShin I deeply understand your panic feeling as I do have recently too. But look back with BCH before last Christmas, BCH price was more than $4000, then it crashed to $2000 on the days later, now it’s around $1100. BCH & BTG were the successful hard folks last year that they have the great teams behind, work hard to make it happen and come true. In the realistic scenario, BTG is still young but moving very fast in these days, price used to be $400-$500, I can agree it at $100 same as BCH’s movement. The whole market was effected by many incidents. Positively, You are holding one of the best coin of last year as i believe. My friends have bought a lot of BTG and still waiting. Besides so many scam coins out there, BTG is the safe one to invest in. I hope you will be happy soon when price pump back and share your story over here again. As i always think that there are traders & holders (speculators), what role we want to be in cryptomarket, which coins we do believe. :slight_smile:
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BTG is in a serious need of rebranding, its slipping down the ranks and wont recover until they fix it.

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Do you and your friends still hold it ??? is safe ;. and i waiting pumping back too… early in 2223 i think,and i will have a privat keys… and i will send to exchange and sell to much money… and i will pend with a house oncountry in mountais with pure water… >>

one or two months? of wich year?

hold on, to that bitcoin, buddy, it’s going places. ;))

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That year…

but after that, I guess more bad news happened/was found out, maybe. :expressionless:

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