Why Bitcoin Gold is making Bitcoin Decentralized again?

Bitcoin Gold was created to make a truly decentralized bitcoin network - a network that is not dominated by ASICs that handle entire Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks.


So why Bitcoin Gold?

Now, while the ASICs are much faster than a typical PC with a graphics card, they are too expensive for an average user and they allow few companies to have monopoly by holding massive numbers of ASICs.

Bitcoin gold, instead of using ASICs, makes use of Equihash algorithm. This is already being used by Zcash which has also shown strong dislike for ASICs. This proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm allows anyone and everyone to mine Bitcoin Cash from their regular PC.

Bitcoin Gold team has also published a detailed response to ASIC threat.

Excellent exchange support

A lot of exchanges chimed in during the Bitcoin Gold fork and more added support for it later. As a result, the Bitcoin Gold is being traded on plethora of exchanges. This includes top exchanges like Binance, Bithumb, Bittrex, OkEx and Bitfinex.


BTG Pay is all about connecting merchants, services and integrators with each other to build solutions. It ensures painless international payments at super-low $0.01 fees. With lightning network on the way, the Bitcoin Gold transactions will be near-instant.

Excellent Roadmap

Bitcoin Gold team released their roadmap for 2018 earlier this year and have already fulfilled their promises. They promised to release Electrum wallet and they’ve already made it available for download. I have used it already and it works great. It lets you send/receive Bitcoin Gold from your computer without downloading entire blockchain.

Bitcoin Gold currently ranks 28 on coinmarketcap and with so many advancements in the tunnel, it is all set to make a big splash in the cryptocurrency space in coming months.