Where's my node?


I run a full node. I’ve looked at https://status.bitcoingold.org, but I haven’t seen my node show up:

What are the criteria for a node to get crawled? Does it have to be a mining node? Does it have to have transactions with the blockchain?


It has to be running in “listening” mode, which means you need a public IP and no firewall to block 8338 port.


Port forwarding of port 8338 to the machine running the node did the trick!

(Not knowing which is actually used, I forwarded both TCP and UDP.)


That should work :slight_smile:


It did, I’m on the map!

Also, this means there are a lot more full nodes out there that are not showing on the map…


I believe I’m connected through Tor but I dont see myself on the map


Ummm… you’re connected through Tor, a service that hides your location, and wondering why you don’t show up on a map? :wink:

Also, just to be clear - Tor nodes generally cannot accept inbound connections. The map only show nodes that are up the majority of the times (steady nodes) and which accept inbound connections.

If you don’t accept inbound connections, the crawler will not find you. It finds nodes and gets their info by connecting to them!


I see what you’re saying, sorry I’m just starting to get familiar with it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: