Where to sell BTG for USD fiat


I was using Uphold to sell BTG for USD fiat but they delisted BTG. I am having a hard time figuring out any other exchanges that will do the same thing for a customer within the USA. Does anyone else have any suggestions?


They still support BTG wallets/holding, but they don’t support transfer into USD right now. (Their back-end relied on Bittrex.) They haven’t delisted and will likely re-enable BTG conversion when they have an appropriate system in place.

I assume you mean you want to be able withdraw fiat in the US.

For now, if you trade from BTG into any of BTC, ETH, or LTC, you can then send it to several major exchanges which trade into USD and allow US withdrawal of fiat.

You can also consider trading into a stable coin such as USDT to transfer to a US exchange that can trade USDT into USD and allow US withdrawal of fiat, but the fees for USDT transfers are high relative to the other coins at this time.


Thank you for the information


Hi. I had a few BTG on Bittrex up until they delisted it, so I shifted it to Binance. to trade and some to Desktop electrumg wallet for safekeeping. Pretty sure you can convert to Dollar on Binance although I havent tried it.


Binance has USDT (Tether) and TUSD (True USD), but those are dollar-pegged, not fiat (US Dollars.)


Binance and Changelly are both excellent options for exchanging cryptocurrency. They both have hundreds of pairs and sport a clean user interface.