When/how do BTG miners vote?

I posted this question in FAQ about a month ago. No reply! It seems sort of important so I thought to repost it here.

I watched a video recently in which a BTG core developer claimed that, due to the need for rapid difficulty adjustments in the CPU/GPU mining space, the way that miners are identified for voting purposes in the BTC space had to be eliminated. So then, how are BTG miners identified and how do they vote? Additionally (because I myself am not a miner) have the BTG miners actually voted on anything yet? How did they do it?

Here is your Reddit topic, where your question was indeed answered 1 month ago ( https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinGoldHQ/comments/8dx6dm/how_and_when_do_btg_miners_vote/ ) . Let me explain further.

The 1 CPU 1 VOTE maxim is an adoption from a core concept by Satoshi Nakamoto. Here is the mention in the whitepaper:

https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf (Page 3 of 9)

We at Bitcoin Gold believe this idea is more honestly achieved through GPU mining and not with expensive ASIC hardware, simple as that.

Yes, I know that. Apparently you didn’t read what I wrote. The video was a live stream. If I find a recording of it, I will post it here.