When gdax will list our BTG


I have noticed the official website has listed for gdax as an upcoming exchanges for couple months already. However, when I did some research, there were no this kind of news spread on the internet.

I just want to confirm if this will happen in near future. Or it is just a “hope” for the team?

BTG is a good coin, just need more attention from the public. I dont know when it will happen. But I wish team will focus on their hard work to make BTG better.

Any answers would be appreciated

Hello @Johnx!

Sorry for not being reached by anyone from the BTG team. We had a lot of work about BTGPay.

Thanks for the good words and the trust. We are trying to get integrated in all exchanges around the world and we work hard for that. We constantly put efforts to make Bitcoin Gold the best coin on the market and someday we will achieve that, because none of us will stop trying until we reach the desired target.

Best regards,
BTG Co-Founder, Operations Lead.

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