When Bittrex wallet online?

they delay wallet online so long,I can’t withdraw BTG to my wallet I have buy BTG at 200$ now feel worry about future BTG

I am like you, Bittrex has detained my BTG since May 19, 2018 to now.

nobody here can do anything nor answer your question its up to the bittrex devs so it will be best u contact them via support ticked that would be the best way

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If you were so worried about price, simply convert your bag to USDT. I believe in BTG and don’t give a flying crap about current price.


Last year zec, zen, and zcl were similar.

2147483647 overflow transaction problem with OP_CHECKBLOCKATHEIGHT.

Then zec, zen, and zcl’s wallets closed for a long time in bittrex and poloniex.

BTG’s this double payment problem is obviously a loss to the exchange.

So they have the right to close their wallets,

My thoughts are that after this July 1 hardfork, I think they will decide according to the situation.


Take note that Bittrex BTG wallet is now functioning normally again with no more restrictions. Just checked mine.