What would you do to increase the adoption of BitcoinGold?

The bittrex delist event for bitcoin gold was a huge disappointment for general investors. No one recommends a bitcoin gold investment on Twitter and forums, so everyone is worried about the possibility of being remove from other exchanges. bittrex deal as urgently I make. later coinbase agree bitcoin gold should this is awesome.
Then we can give more accurate ideas, but these should be a priority.

I’ve completed this article by translating, hopefully not missing :slight_smile:

I would work to get it listed on more exchanges.

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you are very right. congratulations

I don’t think this should be a worry.

Bittrex delisted BTG in response to an event on May 18th. Starting in May, they threatened to delist us if we didn’t pay for their losses. No other exchange made such threats, neither to the Bitcoin Gold team nor publicly.

Given that BTG is currently safe from 51% attacks (see https://www.crypto51.app/ for a list of coins that can still be 51% attacked via NiceHash), there’s no good reason not to continue to trade BTG. In fact, we are seeing new listings at exchanges and with service providers.

BTG continues to grow.


it’s what made me clear just about every coin i had on that BitTRex exchange, and downgrade their status to ‘maaan, you’re just a bunch of yahoos’, in my head. :smiley:

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