What is NFT and how to create an NFT marketplace?

According to NFT, the capitalization of NFT projects increased in the first quarter of 2021. many NFTs are sold instantly and the popular NFT sold approximately 70 million dollars. the platform for trading NFT is called the NFT marketplace. in this article, we will shortly discuss what is NFT, and how to create an NFT marketplace.

What is NFT?

A non-fungible token or NFT is a digital token that provides a proprietary right for physical or virtual assets such as images, videos, music, game, domain name, artworks, etc linked to the Blockchain. each NFT is unique and different from Bitcoin and Ethereum, so it cannot be used as a payment method. NFT tokens are basically worked on the Ethereum blockchain.

The best Etheruem token standard to create NFT

  • ERC 721
  • ERC 1155
  • BEP 20
  • BEP 721

NFT marketplace overview

NFT marketplace is the dedicated platform to store, purchase and sell non-fungible tokens. the items have a fixed price or can be them from the auction.

Types of NFT marketplace plaform

Universal NFT websites - Sell any kind of digital assets. the most well-known universal NFT marketplace are Rarible, Opensea, and Mintable.

Niche P2P marketplaces - Focused on selling particular digital assets.

How to create an NFT marketplace

We have described what is NFT, and the NFT marketplace. now is the time to proceed to the NFT marketplace development process. when it comes to the business part, you need to define the right audience for your NFT marketplace platform. then you should select the must-have functionality and features of an NFT marketplace and find the best NFT marketplace development process.

The basic features and functionalities of the NFT marketplace

Storefront - Your NFT marketplace should have an attractive Storefront

Convenient search - Make sure to develop your NFT marketplace that is user-friendly to search and find the appropriate collectibles.

Listing creation - Make sure the listing creation form is straightforward and fast with essential fields such as title, description, file upload.

Buying and auction - Build an NFT marketplace with a convenient Auction system and set the expiration date in the form.

Ratings - This will help the new users to buy NFTs.

Wallets - With this feature storing, selling, buying cryptocurrencies and NFTs becomes possible.

Ready-made solutions vs custom marketplace development

It is time to talk about how to create an NFT marketplace? let’s find out.

When it comes to the development of the NFT marketplace platform, you have two available options. First, you can use ready-made NFT marketplace clone scripts for the development. this option will be cost-effective and you can launch an NFT marketplace in a short period.

Alternatively, you can use the NFT marketplace development services from a reliable NFT marketplace development company like WeAlwin Technologies. our blockchain specialists know how to develop an NFT marketplace that will satisfy all your business-specific requirements.

Our NFT marketplace development services

  • NFT marketplace clone script
  • White label NFT marketplace
  • NFT marketplace development from scratch.

The NFT marketplace clone scripts we offered

  • Rarible clone script
  • Opensea clone script
  • Solanart clone script
  • Cryptopunks clone script
  • Sorare clone script

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