What is ICO Acetcoin and its advantages?

AcetCoin is a digital currency initiated on blockchain system with an objective of reinforcing investor’s investment particularly in cashless societies. The purpose is to retain opportunities with the highest speed and security system for their investors to capture the maximum profits.

It’s Advantages:

  1. Zero Transaction Fee:
    Engage in day-to-day trading without worrying about transaction fees that ultimately increase the growth of your business with totally different levels of transactions.

  2. Decentralized Account:
    Get rid of the centralized and surveillance-based driven system, the own decentralized account for your daily transactions with absolute anonymity.

  3. Decentralized Governance:
    Become a part of a decentralized platform to drive and eradicate the monopoly of regulatory bodies. Get the secure and safest platform with the autonomous flow.

  4. Token Issuance Revenue Model:
    Issuing the tokens based on the revenue model which is designed to increase the output through market trade.

  5. Complete Privacy & System:
    Empowered with blockchain, thus providing absolute privacy and confidentiality in trading which guarantees a safe environment, therefore encouraging and boosting the market trade.

6.24 / 7 Customer Support:
Get the best 24 * 7 customer support and discuss your online chat issues and help us provide valuable feedback on tiniest discrepancies.

  1. Digital & Flate Currency Trading:
    Acetoin is a first crypto-currency exchange trading in the world which provides 3 types of currency ie crypto to crypto, crypto to digital and crypto to fiat currency all trading in one platform.

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Quite interesting post. I recently read about this ICO in internet, but here all information is in one post. Thanks for sharing. By the way do you work with futures trading? I read about Digitex platform on https://digitexfutures.com/about/ and it provides zero fees for trading. What can you say about this?