What are the available methods for cashing out BitcoinGold?

Consider BTG approach in catering to ecommerce websites through BTGPay, as businesses and especially for small and medium size businesses, accepting BTG payments is not very useful if these businesses cannot cash out that money into fiat currency fast and easy…It is relatively easy to cash out in most countries, but in some regions it is very difficult to cash out cryptocurrency at a reasonable rate…How can BTG provide a way for ecommerce sites to cash out fast and easy without having to go through the strict verification processes of the exchanges??


When you’re talking about end users who want to go into fiat, you need to respect the rules of the fiat - which means respecting the government whose fiat we’re talking about. We do not control the fiat side of things - that’s inherent in the nature of fiat.

We are, however, working to provide alternatives to fiat, which may not be subject to those same rules. We’ll continue to work on increasing adoption, listings, and liquidity, which will gradually but steadily make all usage easier, including in the case of converting to fiat through public and private markets… usage growth will also reduce the need to convert to fiat (for example, if a merchant can buy stock or services with crypto, then they have less need to convert crypto out to fiat in the first place.)


@MentalNomad thanks for responding, it makes sense to me and I guess early adoption of BTGPay may help speed up that process…Thank you.