Did you know about the 100x?!?

We just wanted to thank all of the devoted miners that have stayed with us as we have grown…

There is never a dull moment that’s for sure!

When we were faced with the fact that Bitmain was coming out with the z9 ASIC miner, we had to do something. The team has worked hard to find the best solution to being ASIC Resistant right now.

We also thought it was important that miners realize there’s a big boost in store for the first wave of miners when the Upgrade kicks in… This is all about you, the Miners!

There will be 100 x reduction in the difficulty level at block 536200!!!

Why? What does this mean?

The new PoW algo is about 15x harder than the old one, so we needed to adjust the Difficulty down to compensate. However, we also need to ensure that miners have an incentive to go through the trouble of switching as soon as the fork height arrives… so the code has been set to drop the difficulty 100x. (This also ensures that if some miners are delayed in coming over, the blockchain will continue to move forward at a decent pace.)

That means that miners who jump in early have a shot at getting many times the usual reward!

The best thing to do is to watch the countdown Here

You can go over to the forum and Get the Miner Program Here

Do note the link above is for testnet only!! The test is to make sure your rig is set up correctly. This post will be updated when Mainnet comes online.

I know that a lot of miners are polishing up their GPU’s Getting ready for the Big day!
If you need help, we are always here for you!

You can contact us on;




Thanks again! And happy mining!



this is very good idea!

Yeah. Existing miners make more money. But investors?

After finding 45 blocks within two hours, the difficulty rose to nearly 5 times.

It has already become similar to the past.

It was also able to secure the hash of the hard fork.

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