Trusted ICO Rating Agencies

ICO projects still represent a working tool allowing blockchain startups to raise funds to develop their ideas. Despite the fact that the competition in this industry has grown significantly, the creators of ICO projects are not afraid to take the challenge and actively declare their intentions and ambitions to conquer the cryptocurrency market.
There is a range of platforms that carefully select ICOs, where private professionals evaluate new ICO projects. Check the following list of best rating platforms.

  1. - #1 Rating Agency

ICOBench is the oldest rating agency appeared in the early days of ICOs. The platform publishes not only ratings of ICO projects, but also lists of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and other products that are actively used by traders and other participants in the cryptocurrency market. The platform allows creators not only to add projects, but also gives the green light to all cryptocurrency market gurus who would like to receive an expert status on the website. To do this, you need to fill out an application on the website and pass the appropriate test. The status of an expert is given to a very few persons.

  1. - agency of the best upcoming ICO projects

As the name suggests, BestUpcomingICOs is an agency focusing primarily on upcoming ICO projects. The experts of this agency constantly monitor the market in order to find the best ICO projects and publish them on the main page of their rating.

  1. - online agency of active ICOs

Another popular agency is icolist. This website impresses with its minimalist design and closes the top three rating agencies.