Trezor wallet disappeared?

I transferred BTG from one Trezor to a new one, so to a fresh BTG address. The coins arrived at destination but they don’t show up in the Trezor. The fresh address is now a different one, and the previous one used to receive BTG is not there (there are no “previously used” addresses to display).

what to do?

tx id 3abdfc404a7f987136fc3c052aaad74b6b15c01277d0114ad5361cb0fc1ae519

sent to wallet AJbecjWzFLfjyc887qL6rLDwpQoTmNz5PG

You should contact Trezor support.

All the blockchain did is send coins where you told it to.

If you have the recovery phrase (DON’T GIVE IT TO ANYONE!) Trezor support should be able to help you recover your Trezor to support any address that came from that Trezor.