Transaction time

Why BTG transaction is so long and what you are going to do with that problem because it is problem as it is very slow last two transactions time was 6-6.5 hours

There has never been a BTG transaction that took 6 hours.

Can you provide a TXid, wallet, or other reference to what you’re talking about? Perhaps someone can help you, then.

For reference - transactions take only a second or two to propagate through the network.

Confirmations come via blocks, which take about 10 minutes each.

Here’s a chart of the last 30 days block time average, BTG in red - and, for contrast, Bitcoin (BTC) in blue. You can see our blocktimes are very stable at 10 minutes.

(from BitInfoCharts; click image for live chart)

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Please provide the tx hash so we can check in the block explorer.