Где мои деньги, баланс ноль?

Привет. 1 августа делал обмен Яндекс-деньги на Btg на обменнике TierraPay

заказ№339180 . Транзакция прошла и получила 81 подтверждение, но на баланс Btg
не поступили. Я обращался три раза в техподдержку TierraPay и в результате мне прислали подтверждение транзакции на эксплорере, но баланс мой ноль. Tierrapay показывает мне баланс на моём счету но на https://btgexplorer.com/address/GZJTpaF5fP6HihWc4ECgzoBz26ouzFhdSf а я смотрю на “btgonline.info” могу дать Вам ключ, мне терять нечего. Посоветовали обратится к провайдеру, но на там мне ничего не ответили . Помогите. Спасибо.

[Admin edit: post edited to remove hyperlink to known scam site “btgonline”]

У меня такая же была проблема. Тут нужно скачать кошелек electrum. Там ввести свои данные от кошелька. В течении часа он обновит все транзакции и будет отображаться актуальный баланс. И тогда можете проводить любые транзакции.

Спасибо. Но этот обмен потерян однозначно, да?

Нет. Просто сайт не обновляет данные по кошельку. Все монеты у тебя на кошельке)

А по какой ссылке скачивать , эта пойдёт https://electrum.org В обзоре сказано, что поддерживает BTC и DACH, а про BTG ни слова.

There is definitely 1.65201 BTG in the wallet GZJTpaF5fP6HihWc4ECgzoBz26ouzFhdSf.

You can see it on BTGEXPLORER, on the official Bitcoin Gold Explorer, and elsewhere.

Any problem with seeing the balance is a problem with your wallet software or with the service that holds that wallet for you - you didn’t say which wallet you were using.

A port of Electrum for Bitcoin Gold, called ElectrumG, is here:

Я открыл счёт в кошельке мошенников ссылка есть в первом письме этой темы

The text is translated incorrectly. I gave the link in the first letter. A forum makes me a note about repeating links.

Е, ако разбирате английския език, защо не сте задали въпросите на английски, на първо място?
Щеше да спести време, за момчетата, които четат, превеждат и се опитват да помогнат на „Вики“.

This translates as, “I opened an account in the scam wallet.”

The first post in this Topic contains a link to a wallet address, but does not say which wallet software you used. Did you use a downloaded wallet? A wallet app on a phone? Or a web-hosted wallet? It’s hard to help figure out what happened without knowing something about the wallet software you used.

With just the wallet address, all we can do is look up the address in a block explorer and see that yes, coins went in… and two days later, coins came out.

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Я в Google зашёл на btgonline.info и нажал кнопку “Создать кошелёк” получил номер и отправил TierraPay. Работаю на ПК денег на счету я не видел и не выводил.

I don’t recognize the site “btgonline.info,” but it’s vaguely familiar. At a glance, it looks like a copy of a scam site! (The official site is bitcoingold.org, same domain as this Forum.)

They appear to have copied images and information from the real site in order to look credible, including links to actual BTG resources and social feeds, but the site includes pages asking for users to enter private keys and menomonics for Bitcoin and BTG (something no responsible site would do), and the “Create Wallet” section puts your private key in the clear with no warnings about security (again, no responsible crypto site would do this.)

I fear that if you generated a wallet from this site, the wallet may never have been safe to use. I’ll follow up and let you know what I find.

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I’m very sorry to confirm that this is a known scam site from the past which appears to be back. We have reported it to the registrar and their host multiple times, as have others in the community. We cannot force their host to take down the scam.

If you file a report with your local authorities, and the authorities send them notice, their registrar and host may take action.

Can I ask where you got the “btgonline.info” link? I’m assuming they must be advertising it or posting it somewhere, and I’d like to be able to warn whoever is spreading the scam. (Advertising website, journal, etc.)

Reference: scam previously active as btgonline.io: Trying to exchange my BTG in BTC on the online Plattform btgonline.io has lead to loss my BTG

This page includes registrar details from 2018: Trying to exchange my BTG in BTC on the online Plattform btgonline.io has lead to loss my BTG

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Спасибо за помощь, но деньги я вернуть не смогу, это ясно. Если в Google набрать “BTG кошелёк” , то легко найти эту ссылку причём на нескольких сайтах.

My top results are for several legitimate wallet makers - I get the official site, Freewallet, AtomicWallet, a “Finder.com” page reviewing several good wallets (like Trezor and Ledger), the Freewallet Android app…

Google results vary by individuals and by region. It helps protect the community when the community tells us where the scams are hiding. Please consider sharing your results and the place that was promoting this.

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Interesting - I used a blank Opera browser instance, with VPN set to Europe, and got this as my 7th result:


I tried switching to google.ru and searched on “BTG кошелёк” specifically; the site doesn’t show up on my first page of results, at all.

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Is this a legit Crypto news site? It appears to be an article promoting the scam page.

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…guess it’s the same idiots, using anything they can think of, to scam people into believing the whole crypto space is about scamming anybody that can be scammed.

i’d search for “bitcoin gold wallet”, and chose the website that DOESN’T promise i can claim some BTG right away, or some other ‘get rich quick’ scheme… those websites are ALWAYS SCAMS, children.
*probably the idiot’s parents are some ‘somebodies’ and so they act their shit-behavior because they don’t fear consequences…
**just a guess