Top graphics cards for GPU mining

nVidia GTX 1060 is best for smaller budget - most Sol / Card price
nVidia GTX 1070TI is best at power consumption - most Sol / Watt
nVidia GTX 1080TI has the best physical space density value

How to lower the power consumption for nVidia cards:
To get best Sol/s / Watt (aka Sols / Joules) do the following:

  1. Change power limit to 60%
  2. Overclock the core +200 (and more if possible)
  3. Overclock the memory to +650 (and more if possible)

Here are some figures harvested from the nets

card                Sol/s

                  eco   OC'ed
GTX 1050 TI       160    180
GTX 1060 3Gb      290    300
GTX 1060 6Gb      320    330
GTX 1070          430    460
GTX 1070 TI       470    530
GTX 1080          550    600
GTX 1080 TI       670    800
GTX Titan X       470    490

RX 470            270    300
RX 480            300    320
RX 570             -     318
R9 FURY           440    480
RX VEGA           450    500

Estimates from WTM:


I threw these into a Google Sheet. 1080 looking pretty awesome on Sol/Watt… what’s the downside? Price?

(I have a mix of 470, 1060, 1070, myself.)

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Very useful table, unfortunately WTM display very conservative parameters. Ex. nVidia GTX 1060 6Gb can process up to 330 h/s with 80 W power consumption (personally tested). Curiously the most reliable information is ‘hidden’ inside various YouTube videos.

Yes, they are typically showing non-OCed outputs. But it’s a decent baseline for rough comparison.

It’s very hard to find “equally tweaked” information on a variety of cards in one place.

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Hashrate/watt without overclocking


All is based on my own experience
(Equihash only)

  1. 1060 6Gb - 280 Sol/s (based); 330 Sol/s (real)

  2. 1070 - 410 Sol/s (based); 480 Sol/s (real)

  3. 1070 ti - 420 Sol/s (based); 520 Sol/s (real)

  4. 1080 ti - 630 Sol/s (based); 730 Sol/s (real)

Real means overclocked in real RIG

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Nice chart.

I presume the bold are just the highest figures, but nothing is normalized in any way for comparison, yes?

Yes, just highest results
In any case, you need to evaluate the whole picture, look at energy consumption, the cost of completing, estimate only on such tables which card is better is not the best choice…

My pool is setup to use Nvidia 10 series.

it was really nice to read that

BTG mining on the new algorithm not good on the Quadro graphis cards. I was getting close to 200 Sols/s with OC before the fork. This is consistent across the different mining software as well.

For GPU mining, I have chosen NVIDIA’s Geforce GPU but whenever I tried to open that, the geforce experience error code 0x0003 was showing all the time. What should I do to fix the problem?

Your post included a link to a description of how to fix your error.

Please explain whether you tried the advice in your own link - if you don’t reply, your post is probably just link-spam and we’ll delete it sometime soon.