Top 5 GPUs for mining BTG




Welcome back everyone! Todays topic we will cover what are the top 5 newer GPUs for mining Bitcoin Gold on the 144_5 algo.

Before we start, I do want to mention that there are a lot of variables, settings and memory chips involved, so this is based on an average. Also this is my opinion, and other people might have better outcomes or not.

But First a little bit of important information…

Why did Bitcoin Gold change from using Equihash 200_9 and use the Zhash (Equihash 144_5) Algorithm? Last summer we had a 51% attack on our coin. Our developers realized the vulnerabilities of the 200_9 and got together with other groups to brainstorm and come up with a solution to be Anti-ASIC.

The Bitcoin Gold Organization has always been committed to the miners. We will always be Anti-ASIC.
144_5 takes up much more memory and is not viable to produce chips for this algorithm. From last fall until as recent as January 2019 Bitmain, a leader in ASIC manufacturing is laying off about 80% of the staff. This also applies to the other ASIC manufacturers that are either slowing the development of AICS or are turning their attention to Artificial Intelligence and Data analysis. For us GPU miners this is fantastic news!


Although I like AMD as much as the next guy, Mining Bitcoin Gold with an RX card, or less is possible, we are talking about the top 5. For fairness, I will include an RX 580. We did a test with an Rx 580, and we were getting 17 sols. Unfortunately Amd is just not performing well.

********* Disclaimer ************

If you do not know how to overclock correctly, please consult me , or someone who knows how to overclock your graphics cards. Treat them with respect and they should last you quite a while.


Number 5

RX 580


17- 23 sols Sols/s

The Rx 580 is a really great graphics card, but it is less efficient at mining Bitcoin Gold. It is not to say that you can’t, it just doesn’t give you the best bang for your buck.

Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Evga and XFX all produce a RX 580 Graphics card. The cost of these cards cost between $270.00 USD and $360.00 USD *p rices updated January 2019

Number 4

GTX 1050Ti 2GB or 4GB


Around18 Sols/s with at about 85 watts using 1.63 gb ram

Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Evga and PNY all produce a Gtx 1050Ti Graphics card. The cost of these cards cost between $160.00 USD and $240.00 USD

Number 3

GTX 1060 3GB or 6GB


Between 31-40 Sols/s with around 75-99 watts

Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Evga and PNY all produce an GTX 1060 Graphics card. The cost of these 6GB cards cost between $250.00 USD and $300.00 USD. The 3GB cards are about $80.00 USD cheaper

Number 2

GTX 1070 8GB


Between 45-59 Sols/s with around 150 watts

Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Evga and PNY all produce an GTX 1070 Graphics card. The cost of these cards cost between $300.00 USD and $550.00 USD

Number 1

GTX 1080Ti 11GB


59-87 Sols/s with around 250 watts (est.)

Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Evga and PNY all produce a GTX 1080Ti Graphics card. The cost of these cards cost between $700.00 USD and $1000.00 USD

Hash Rate Comparison

Here is a quick comparison with the above mentioned GPU’s

AMD RX 580 17-23 sols 135 watts

Nvidia GTX 1050 18-22 sols 85 watts

Nvidia GTX 1060 31-40 sols 85 watts

Nvidia GTX 1070 45-59 sols 150 watts

Nvidia GTX 1080 59-87 sols 250 watts

Here is the way to calculate sols per watt You take the hash rate and divide / by how many watts. Example: 305 sols / 90 watts = 3.38888 sols per watt.

*The new 20 series cards are out, but there have not been many people testing them on the 144_5 algo
when we get some data in I will update this post

As always you can always contact me on;





I am sure you will need an overclocking tool. The main one to use is MSI’s Afterburner. There are others , however, this is the primary one to use.

There are different opinions and preferences as to what settings you want to have to achieve your goals. Some people want to run them hard, others want to take them a little easier to make the cards last as long as possible.

MSI Afterburner

Also for EVGA, they also have an overclocking tool.

click here

If you want to undervolt and overclock Afterburner here is a video
I do recommend the above method as it should prolong the life of your card.

And REMEMBER… Try to keep your graphics cards dust free as much as possible.


When running Afterburner, please visit websites, videos on Youtube, or contact me for settings,

Improper settings can damage your cards!!

Final words

There is really no one size fits all… You can spend the money and buy the fastest GPU on the market and the power consumption will be massive, say 250 watts per card! How many GPU’s can I put on that rig? How expensive are the larger power supplies versus a 850 watt PSU? Also , if you are building a larger rig, How many Gpu’s on a breaker? Whereas a 1060 at only 75-90 watts depending on the settings.

If you have GTX 1060s 6 gb, you can get 12 gpu on a 15 amp breaker. If you have a 1080 ti , you might only get 5 or 6. also note that 1060’s run a lot cooler than a 1080Ti . If you are limited to space and no ventilation, a cooler card might be better for you.

Well that’s it for this week. Thank you so much for visiting! See you next week!


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Dear @Blackbox

Considering the hashrate against the power consumption also keeping roi in mind, wouldn’t that make the 1070 #1 and the 1080 #2???

Also something funny I noticed that even thought the 1070 has a higher hashrate, somehow it seems the 1060 gets relatively more shares processed within a time period than the 1070 would…! Does that make any sense at all??


Thank you for the comment! I based it on the hashrate, not on efficiency. My personal opinion would be the GTX 1060 6gb because I can put 12-13 of them on 1 15 amp breaker… What does everyone think about my post? Do you disagree? Lets see what our family comes up with…


So apparently my rx460 isn’t that good for mining. :sweat_smile:



It won’t get a lot of Sols - maybe 95 - but it also won’t draw much power. It’s only a 50W card, right? And it probably won’t draw all 50 while mining.

So it won’t produce MASSIVE GAINZ, but it may be profitable to mine (depending on your cost for power), and since you already have it… you expense to acquire it for mining are $0.00.


I have an AMD 128 Sapphire 7500 series I’m using to mine sia and geo :rofl::joy:


Can I use asic bitmain to dig?


The Bitmain ASIC that has been making the rounds is designed to mine Ethereum, which uses the Proof of Work algorithm “Ethash.” It will not work for BTG, which uses Equihash.

A good ASIC built to do SHA256 (Bitcoin) can’t effectively do Ethash (Ethereum), likewise, a good ASIC built to do Ethash can’t really do Equihash (BTG). ASICs are application-specific. (ASIC literally means Application Specific Integrated Circuit.)

If and when there is an ASIC designed to do Equihash, you can expect Bitcoin Gold to take the necessary steps to prevent BTG mining from being subverted. This should be obvious - after all, the very reason we were created was to bring mining from ASICs back to the GPU; we won’t stand by and allow ASICs to take over again.

Monero is on the front lines of this battle between GPUs and ASICs, and I, personally, applaud their reaction to the release of ASIC miners on their (prior) algorithm. They hard-forked their code a few days ago to thwart a newly developed crop of ASIC miners, and we’re all watching with great interest to see how things play out as we make our own contingency plans.


Good to learn that you are committed to keep your promise to the miner community :smile:


Every crypto should follow the lead of Monero and actually change the algo every 6 months no matter what - not only when the need arises…

Seriously Bitmain?

hope this helps!


Super tous ces info , Bravo

Mais moi perdit avec la traduction

Qui peut tous l’expliquer de A a Z , Suis sousi ux depuis qu année et 20 de Web , Donc je me.demerde.un peu

Qui peux m’aider en Français
Merci (++):+1:(++)


Hello Guyz,

Can you tell me about the BTG sol/s rate in their respective mining rate. I want to buy GPU for mining BTG , but i’m confuse because of the above estimation mentioned in that post. Unfortunately, single GTX 1050Ti can have 140-180 Sols/s, this spec i’m unable to find over the internet except this post, also GTX 1060 (GTX 1060 3GB or 6GB) for that. Any one personally were trying this GPU for mining, please share their experience.



The WhatToMine site can help give an idea - they compile estimated hashrates for different algos for different GPU types.

Just set the count to 1 of each type you’re interested in, and turn them on/off one at a time. It will show the mining power for different algos. BTG uses Equihash(144,5), same as Zhash - that’s the spot to look for cards which have well-known miners for the algo.

On their charts:

Equihash = Equihash(200,9), which is our old algo.
Zhash = Equihash(144,5), which is current algo.


Shares reported by the miner on it’s console do not reflect the difficulty of the job that the pool sent to the miners. It may look like they get more shares but they may be of lower difficulty (and thus when added you will need more shares to compete with the rest). So overall the frequency of the shares generated by your miners do not and will never be reflecting the real job your miner is doing. (Some miners do show the job difficulty when they send a share and it’s accepted. If you have one of these you can easily see what i am trying to describe)


How does a tool work for bitcoin mining? Did you use any?