To. MentalNomad

to. MentalNomad

Good morning.

I honestly respect a little.
You look at the middle, not shaking at any time. Always fair attitude.
I think it is really good.

But I want you to be a bit flexible about the “exceptional situation.”

I had previously asked btg to change the 2019 roadmap for coincheck’s darkcoin list down,
I had previously commented that we should prepare as a reminder of the presence of the equihash ASIC.

You said you were just a rumor twice,
Now both are true.

BTG is under attack now,
I think the attack will not stop easily.

With the equihash ASIC, they do not cost a lot
The attack that they had in 2013 ~ 2015 was the power that the entire city would go down.

They have often accounted for 50% of the BTG hash since several months ago. They just did not attack.

In the equihash coin, only BTG is attacked, which means that BTG is worth it.

But in order to keep this to the end
Fast anti-asic changes or price increases

Would not it be hard not to be one of them ??? I am concerned.

Of course I prefer the first.