This phrase in the wikipedia entry about Bitcoin Gold doesn't make sense to me

I was reading the article a saw this

Bitcoin gold uses a SHA-256 proof-of-work algorithm to the Equihash ASIC-resistant algorithm,

What I thought is that it uses the Equihash algorithm not the SHA-256, or it means it is composition of both algorithms?


Add: Now that I read it again it should be instead.

Bitcoin gold uses Equihash ASIC-resistant instead the SHA-256 as proof of work algorithm.

Add2: This wiki looks abandoned by the community. It’s quite vandalized.


Thanks for pointing it out - I lasted checked if there was a Wikipedia entry in December, and there wasn’t…

I’ll make sure to contribute to the article soon.


If you need a hand let me know it.

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If you don’t mind I am going to edit it this weekend and I’ll keep an eye in it.