The transaction was rejected by network rules n64 tx-size code -1

Hi all !! o/
I made my BTG address using
I have private key from it.
I used this address for mining.
Pool send me every 0.01 BTG to this address and now i have 10.43752064 BTG (1043,752064 unspent inputs) on it.
I tryed to sweep wallet using my private key in Coinomi, but it showed error - “The transaction is bigger than what the network allows, try sending a different amount”.
Next time i imported private key to ElectrumG 3.2-beta wallet, it showed full balance,
but when i try to sent 1 BTG to another BTG address it showed error -
“the transaction was rejected by network rules n64 tx-size code -1”
And now i’m in situation that i can’t use my BTG coins :frowning:
How can i resolve it?


could you try using a different server (manually select one) in ElectrumG?
Does it help? Also make sure you use the correct unit. A screenshot of the transaction window may also help.


You can try to send smaller transactions to combine small inputs. For example, if 1BTG is too large (100 inputs), you can try to send 0.5 or 0.3 BTG (30 inputs) to yourself. This action will combine these UTXOs into a single UTXO.

Bitcoin Gold has limitation on transaction size and sigops to fight spam (same as Bitcoin). You can’t make a too large transaction. However it’s possible to combine these small outputs and the fee should be tiny fortunately.

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Yes, i’ve tryed to change server, change to smaller amount (from 0.1 to 1 BTG, it doesn’t help, cause it include 850+ input in this transaction).
Finally, i’ve installed full node and use debug console with command “iportprivkey key rescan” and it resolved this situation.

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I think 0.1 BTG only involve 10 inputs in a transaction. It shouldn’t be too large for a single tx. However, glad to hear that you have solved the problem.