The significance of Bitcoin Gold

Since November 2017, the project has inspired confidence in success! But now the cost goes to the bottom, lose the competition and roll back lower and lower!
If nothing is done now, mining will stop in the near future due to unprofitability!
I think it’s time to organize flash mobs and summits to support and promote the system! And most importantly becomes solvent!
Yes, I understand when the system is created from scratch hard to promote and develop, but here is a different situation - we took as a basis Bitcoin and probably it’s time to retire and return to the top 10 in capitalization!

  1. Look at the complexity of mining BTG and zcash
  2. Pay attention to the cost and mining Difficulty.
  3. BTG has the best team that works with the project 24 hours a day + constant support of users online.

Diff = 9,389,663
Price = 234 $ (hitbtc)
[Data price 19.03.2018]

Diff = 3,727,773
Price = 56 $ (hitbtc)
Price = 210 $ (
[Data price 19.03.2018]

BTG is the best coin that can be extracted in the Equihash algorithm + not all exchanges opened entry and in Korea the cost is much higher than in other countries.
Imagine that now the market will fall even lower, then the miners will jump off with great difficulty, and this will lead to increased production of BTG.
Catch the moment and enjoy the booty of BTG
" Data are taken from the site minergate, hitbtc, "

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you are right @Yuri, Catch the moment and enjoy the booty of BTG