Sweeping an old paper wallet into Electrum with potential BTG


I have an old paper wallet that may potentially have BTC, and may potentially have BTG (not sure of when I moved, and if I really moved it all)

If I sweep a paperwallet, after having retrieved the private key - with Electrum, would any fork coins follow - meaning could I then use the new wallet to sweep it into wallets to get any Gold, SV, Cash.

Or is there a way for me to use the private key with a Wallet where I can both get any potential BTC and Fork coins at the same time?

Apologize if this has been answered before, could’nd find after initial look.

Grateful for assistance in this

Some multi-coin wallets allow for sweeping a variety of forked coins in them. some I know and can think of offhand include:


Some may require you to sweep for each fork separately, some may include an “all at once” function; I don’t know.

Maybe others can chime in, here?