Stoled BTG from wallet

Can someone help me to understand, how my fair mined BTG was transferted from my wallet without me?
I’m use only one workplace at home, use antivirus and don’t tell pass anybody.
Who should I ask for this loss?

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Hello, that site is a scam unfortunately.

Can anyone help me understand how my bona fide BTG was transferred from my wallet without me? 01/25/2019 1.4 BTG
mined Jan 25, 2019 11:54:56 PM
I use only one workplace, use an antivirus and have not informed anyone about the BTG wallet.
Who can help?

That is a scam site which we have repeatedly reported to their hosting provider.

It is unrelated to the real BTG organization/project.

You should never enter your private keys or mnemonics into a web site.