Status of next BTG PoW

I am a developer and I am working on a new miner for equihash (yes Funakoshi you are going to have more company…), it is looking nice and has the a performance similar to the reference miners. Also I always mined BTG with my GPU rigs and always silently supported the BTG project, the new miner will for sure support next BTG PoW.
I am having a hard time to find what was the ultimate decision about the upcoming changes to BTG mining algorithm,

  • Do you plan to change equihash N and K? to what values?
  • Do you (will) have any test pool supporting the new PoW, before it is adopted in the mainnet?
  • Is there an ongoing discussion on this topic among the BTG community? (where?)

Welcome, green spud!

I’m contacting you directly.

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is there any public information for the rest of us? i mean ongoing public discussion and upcoming TestNet?


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