Some of questions about BTG future

  1. There is Coincheck rumor that they will cancel listing of darkcoins
    (monero, zec, dash)

Will this have effect on BTG private transaction roadmap on 2019?

  1. Related to question 1 above,
    Currently z-address method is rarely used due to hign load,
    is there some other better idea on BTG team?

  2. Currently main task for BTG team is Bech address and LN support.
    But, recent process for LN support shows that
    support from blockstream, Acinq, Poon&Dryja
    must be needed.

So even though BTG code is very similar to BTC,
there may must need “announce?” about “we will support BTG” from blocksteam or Acinq or Poon&Dryla?

  1. In my opinion, for BTG first success be determined about “catch the timing”

the timing is fly away BTC, ETH, LTC due to LN.
BTG must be ready to LN supports too already.

Do you have some opinions or plan for this timing?

  1. ZEC team is changing parameter N, K on equihash
    to support smart phones or be ready futures very high load or very high efficieny.

Does BTG team have similar planning?

Thank you.

Rumors have no effect. :slight_smile:

We will all consider the regulatory environment and the market reception to privacy features as 2019 approaches and carefully consider what is best for the future of the coin. Right now, we do not have any features in the coin or in the short-term roadmap which the FSA would have any concerns about.

I am not the right person to answer number 2.

We are working hard to engage with all parties to help create an environment that supports LN.

I am not the right person to answer your question 5… I know of no such plans.

Finally, the Japanese Treasury Office mentioned today.
To approve an exchange in Japan
Anonymous coins must be de-listed.

zec, monero, and dash.

plz, Discuss this well on the roadmap.

thank you.