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Solemn provides fully-managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to assist you at your Masternode hosting journey. We are currently launching a Beta Test platform that provides you a One-Click Masternode Hosting solution.

Sign up today as a Beta Tester to get a FREE Masternode Hosting and credit rewards up to $140!

  1. Instant Masternode VPS deployment with just one-click
  • Easily activate your Masternode VPS with zero technical knowledge.
  • Fund your account >> Choose your MN coins >> Click “Deploy” to activate.
  1. Fully-managed Masternode VPS by Solemn technical assist team
  • Leave the technical stuffs to us. Our technical team monitors your VPS 24/7. So you just have to put your heads together to decide which is the best MN coins to invest in.
  1. 24/7 professional customer support team
  • We understand that technical issues like, bugs can happen at anytime of the day. So, our professional customer support team is ready to assist you anytime, anywhere, online and offline.
  1. Host multiple Masternode coins in one VPS
  • Organize and access all your MN coins under one VPS account. We are always ready to expand the MN coins of your preference. Suggest to us what MN coins you already invest in, or want to invest in.
  1. Secured cold wallet for your Masternode coins
  • Hot wallets filled with digital currency are easily hackable. And we don’t want that happening to you. Our VPS keeps your cold wallet safe and secure, so you don’t lose your investments to unethical hackers.
  1. Best Masternode VPS pricing structure
  • With a competitive market, we aim to provide the best Masternode hosting experience to you. That means, giving you the best Masternode hosting facility, as well as the best price in the Internet.

Help us improve by becoming a Beta Tester, so we can continuously upgrade our services based on your user-experience. As a Beta Tester, you also get a handful of benefits!

  1. Get a FREE Masternode VPS upon sign up
  • Anticipate credit rewards up to $140 in our Beta Test Bounty Program
  • Get $20 credit rewards when you participate in our Beta Test Survey
  • Receive another $20 credit rewards when your feedback is used to improve our platform
  1. The one-and-only most outstanding feedback will be rewarded with $100 credits

  2. You also get prioritized access and discounts to our future products.

We appreciate your honest, helpful feedbacks. Because it helps us become better at what we do! So, we want to show our appreciation by giving you deserving rewards.

Participate in our Beta Test Survey by telling us these things:

  1. How was your user-interface experience with our Masternode hosting platform?
  2. Was the platform easy to use and navigate?
  3. Which Masternode coins do you prefer to stack?
  4. What are your expectations about this platform?
  5. What are your suggestions on how we can improve?

October 2018 (on-going)
Registration opens for the first 1000 Beta Testers who will get a FREE Masternode VPS on a first-come-first-serve basis.

November 2018 (in development)
Launching of Beta Test to collect feedbacks, improve our platform and website

December 2018 (in development)
Official launch for paid services


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Hi! This is Shay from Solemn.

We’d love to hear feedback from you. Here are some questions from us:

  • What features would you like to have as a Masternode hosting user?
  • Any VPS/hosting features you expect to have?
  • Which MN coins to you prefer to host?
  • Which payment gateway do you prefer to use?

Let us know in the comment below!

Bitcoin Gold is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency in the tradition of Bitcoin, so we don’t have Masternodes.

You probably won’t get a lot of interest here.

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Thank you. But it’s worth a try. :slight_smile: