Simplified user-interface in Funakoshi-Miner v3.4

The user interface (command-line arguments) has been simplified in release v3.4 of Funakoshi-Miner.
You can find more info at my github-repository.

In release v3.4, users are no more required to supply the command-line arg -144.
When connecting to a BitcoinGold pool -144 is the default.
Users can supply the -144 arg or –algo 144_5 arg but this is not mandatory.

The –pers arg is not required (ignored). It is auto deduced by Funakoshi-Miner
depending on which pool is selected by the user.

Additionally (for all pools except miningpoolhub) users are not required to supply the port number.
Funakoshi-Miner knows which port the pool uses.

As an exception, users are required to supply the port number when connecting to
miningpoolhub because the port number is used by this pool for selecting the alt coin
(instead of the domain-name which is the same for all coins).

Users can supply port numbers by:

  • -l domainName:portNumber
  • –server domainName –port portNumber

For all pools except miningpoolhub specifying the domainName
by -l domainName or –server domainName is sufficient.

Specifying the account-name or wallet-address can by done by -u or –user args.

I hope that these improvments will make the life of new miners easier.



-I and -l are ambiguous in the default font; I suggest enclosing them in backticks (`), which are used to denote code blocks on Discourse, and switches to a font that is more explicit. The result is:

This: -I -l -1
Versus this: -I -l -1

Accomplished via:

Or by selecting text and hitting this button:

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I did it.
The -l is no more ambiguous.

Dear Funakoshi ,

When I heard it was the fastest miner , I tried your app not only once but more than once , it always crashed and made my Windows OS hang.

Funakoshi miner seems do not follow the MSI AfterBurner setting. I tried to control the temp but it always crashes the computer OS. Right now I am just going with the common EWBF miner.

I hope this version of funakoshi is safe-tested .


Hi Leo

Thousands of users are using Funakoshi-Miner to mine:

  • BitcoinGold (my favorite coin)
  • Zcash
  • Zencash

without any problem.

Funakoshi-Miner doesn’t manipulate the gpu clocks and doesn’t manipulate the fans.
Nvidia Pascal cards auto adjust the speed of clocks and fan depending on temperature
and electricity. Funakoshi-Miner runs only on Nvidia Pascal cards and above:
GTX 1060 6G, 1070, 1080, …

I am sorry to hear that you experience crashes when using it with MSI AfterBurner.

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Hello Funakoshi ,

my cards are GTX .
eg. - GTX 1080 TiArmor 8G

Are you recommending us not to us MSI afterburner if we use Funakoshi Miner?
Does that mean using funakoshi miner does not need overclocking setting?
Default Parameter for power limit on MSI Afterburner is 100,

What default parameter ( power limit, temp limit ) for GTX 1080 Ti on using Funakoshi miner?

The app config only allows temperature setting. I think this is why the app crashes.


Funakoshi-Miner doesn’t manipulate the gpu and the memory clocks
and doesn’t manipulate the fans.

My code is written using Nvidia Cuda which does not allow manipulation of clocks and of
fan on Pascal devices. To do such manipulations one must use low level nvidia drivers,
which I don’t use (such manipulations disable Nvidia’s auto control of clocks speed).

The command line parameters allow Funakoshi users to limit the maximum
temperature. Pascal cards are slowing the clocks automaticaly when temperature
is too high, but still when there is not good enough air flow sometimes it is better to
limit the max temperature to be on the safe side. These parameters can’t cause harm.
Their only purpose is to stop mining when temperature is too high until it drops bellow
a lower limit.

Tuning overclock with MSI afterburner is a delicate thing.
When doing so you need to overclock gradualy and find
the correct settings. Each application requires different
settings depending on specific card and ventilation quality.

I know for certain that some Funakoshi-Miner
users are overclocking with afterburner.

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Okay let me give a try to Funakoshi miner again.

Thank you for your explanation.

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I have uploaded file to release v3.6, for Windows users.

It contains all the files required for running Funakoshi-Miner on Windows,
including the batch file Start.bat.

It also contains the file to simplify usage for Linux users.