Sharing my results

Hello guys,

I just wanted to share my results.

I’ve been mining for 14 days with 2 x GTX 980 and 1 x GTX 980 TI.
Electricity cost is at around 0.30 Euros per KWh.
God knows how much power my rig drew during the last 14 days.
I reduced the max. temp of the GPUs to 70° Celsius.
This resulted in a hash rate of aprox. 890 H/s.
I mined at

This was my first attempt to mine a cryptocurrency and I have to admit I’m kind of torn.

While the experiment was a technical success, financially I don’t think it’s feasible.

I now own aprox. 0.02 BTGs which is the equivalent of around 1.50 Euros (aprox. USD 1.80). This seem extremely low.

Do you guys have similar results?

I wonder if I did something wrong?

Hi nue2lax! Welcome to BTG family!

Looks like i miss-read few things from your post.
I am curious as well, can you share your public wallet address so i can see.


Those GPU use between 250-300 watts each. I dont think its going to be very profitable for you at this moment to mine any coin.

Also you need to mine constantly for months to turn any profit. Most pools use a PPLNS system

Sell all of them and buy a 1070ti or better

Hi Zhivko,

thanks for welcoming me.

My wallet address is:


Thanks for looking into this.

I know these GPUs are not the most optimal setup. But before going out and buying GPUs I wanted to make sure I understand the process and that there’s any prospect of making some sort of money with mining.

Thanks for the input though.

The truth is, whether or not you mine BTG or other crypto you are part of the process of establishing this excited new technology. Many people mine the most profitable coin for their cards and buy the currency they prefer to invest in. So you have many options.