Seems most peer nodes still stuck at 536199

congrats for the hard fork!
but i found some serious problems:

  1. most peer’s best height is still 536199, only a very few peers are synced with the best height present in explorer. i found this by watching the debug.log where “receive version message…”

  2. the latest code checkout from github, no matter Master or 0.15 branch, will still look 100 bytes solution size as invalid, maybe that’s why most nodes still stuck at 536199. Unfortunately, those nodes have more than 536200 blocks will be BANED by my client due to touch the error threshold. maybe my client will never see them for a long period.

You are correct that a significant number of nodes are outdated - it seems that many home users did not upgrade their BTG core wallets - and core wallets run full nodes.

These nodes are not reading the new blocks, and those people will not be able to interact with the network until they upgrade. We do see them gradually taking down old nodes.

I don’t believe you are correct; 0.15.1 sees 100 byte solutions as valid after block height 536200. (Prior versions, such as and do not accept 100 byte solutions. Be careful not to confuse 0.15.1 and

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my mistake, i recompile the v0.15.1 tag, blocks syncing are smooth now. thanks

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