Scams in cryptoexchange

What are the types of scams we see in Crypto exchnages

I see more scams around the exchanges than within them (offers of profit-making strategies, subscription to price predictions, etc.)

Within exchanges, some are more reputable than others. Some do (or allow/encourage other to do) a lot of “wash-trading” to make it look like they have more volume than they really have. Others just report imaginary volume.

Sites like CoinMarketCap have gotten better at identifying such fake data, but it’s hardly perfect.

From time to time, an exchange fails - by accident or on purpose - and we learn about incompetent or even fraudulent behavior. Having all withdrawals depend on one person’s private key is incompetent; having lower balances than are claimed is fraud. Example: QuadrigaCX, a former Canadian exchanges, has $30M worth of assets, but customers have claims on $171M worth of assets, so the customers can never all be repaid: