Roadmap - what's next?

We’ve been asked about the roadmap for Bitcoin Gold’s future. For the time being, the plan is roughly as outlined in our original publication, which was available on our home page as our Roadmap. It served as our initial whitepaper: Roadmap.

We hope to support all of these initiatives in the long-term through the funds in the Endowment, as well as any contributions or support that are received by the project over time.

Future development

  • Core protocol
  • Lightning network
  • Bech32 addresses
  • Sidechains
  • Cross-chain atomic swaps
  • Decentralized exchange

Operational and infrastructure costs

  • Servers:
    • 12+ full nodes on 6 continents
    • 5+ DNS seeds
    • Website
  • Domain fee
  • System administration
  • Security and penetration testing by third-party

Future social action

  • Economic Development Fund:
    • BTG debit card program (Latin America)
    • Decentralized fiat-crypto brokerage network (Global)
  • Blockchain Education Fund:
    • Investment in the content creators and influencers who most effectively contribute to rising Bitcoin awareness and adoption.
  • GPU Mining Infrastructure Fund:
    • Small/mid-scale individual/business loans for GPU mining hardware operations.
    • Developer bounties for user-friendly mining applications that can bring mining to a nontechnical, multi-lingual audience.

Future communication costs

  • Meetups and developer conferences
  • Social media
  • Design assets
  • Press releases

Some of these challenges have largely been met; the Bitcoin Gold Endowment currently bears the cost of the web site, these forums, multiple DNS seeds, multiple full nodes.

Others are technical challenges which we will support in the near term, but some are long-term social outreach goals. We hope to engage more on these challenges in the future, funded by the flow of funds from the Time-Locked portion of the Endowment. Our ability to perform outreach will, of course, be a function of the value of Bitcoin Gold in two or three years’ time.


I really like this, the bullet points do a great job at highlighting important points. Could we include information about the the plan on changing the difficulty to EMA? Also if possible could we push the publishing of the updated whitepaper to near January 1? Announcements on new year will help to build investor confidence in my opinion.

Keep it up, youre a great doc writer Mental

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It’s out of date. We are working on a new version.


The revised and updated Roadmap is available here:

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