Review a KASSE Hardware Wallet for BTG

UnBoxing KASSE Hardware Wallet.

The five components are: Device, Recovery Card, User Manual, USB Cable, Lanyard.

The recovery card consists of a passphrase and 24 recovery words. If you lose or factory reset your device, or if you regenerate a new wallet, recovery is required.

You can download the software from the Kasse Homepage.
(link :
The language supports two languages.


If you connect your hardware wallet to your PC with a USB cable, you will be prompted to enter your PIN code.

The PIN code can be set to a minimum of 4 characters (maximum 10 digits )

If you enter the same PIN code again, the PIN code generation is completed.

For security reasons, if you do nothing for 3 seconds, the screen will be hidden.

The next screen will show two new creation / recovery modes.
You are the first installer to enter the new creation
(# recovery mode is available if you have lost your wallet).

Later, you will create a PASSE PHRASE and word list to complete the new wallet creation.

The following is the KASSE application screen.

Coin selection screen.
The transaction fee is divided into LOW , STANDARD, and HIGH .

Now you can BTG deposit & withdrawals through this wallet.



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