Reseach for power mining equhashbtg

dear all

i m sorry if my post disturb all of you

i was glad a new algorithma for equihash (144.5) is prevent the assic, this mean, small miner have chance to mining a coin that and there isn’t monopoly for distributed coin.
but, for new algoritma had consequensed, the hashrate become down, in these case, a cost for ellectrisity not equivalent for the mining.
i had think of these, how to solve these that mining is profitable and not worries for ellectrisity cost.

for these, i have idea n reseach, how to create a power plant that low cost (it become a zero ellectrisity cost but i called this a low cost).
to made my idea n reseach happen, i need all of you to help me n donate a some btg.

in my reseach, i will make some type of power plant:

  1. small model, it can be 2000 va ellectrisity
  2. medium model, it canbe 5000 va ellectrisity
  3. large model, it can be 10000 va / 10 kva ellectrisity.
  4. big model, it can be 50000 va / 50 kva - up ellectrisity.
    my reseach is how to make a mecanikal movement to create an ellectrical efficianly.

for these research, i need 1000-2000 btg.
its expensive? yes, very expensive for me. the money will allocated to buy equipment, creat model, tool, installing, n testing the power plant.


  1. you will lose your money/btg by donate to funding my research.
  2. i m not guarante that your money/btg will back.


  1. you can made power plant by your self that follow my reseach n may be can be better than me.
  2. i will share and publish my reseach for this comunity only (btg community)if my researh work well (pdf n video).
  3. if this reseach work well, all of people can make their power plant to mining criptocurency or etc that need ellectrisity without worry for cost of ellectrisity.
  4. you can share this power plan via youtube, vlog, tweeter or etc, if this power plant working well.
  5. if this reseach work well, you can build your ellectrisity with your capasity that you want with lowest cost n no paid ellectrisity cost again forever(except, your power plan is broken…lol).

i would not talk to much for this project/reseach to you all now,but if u think it just for my advantage only…i did’nt mistake your thinking, i was try to honest n not cheat to you.
i just want my reseach happen, work well n can be use and advantage for the people in the wold, especialy for mining(special for btg n equihash asic prevent) n people that dont have ellectrisity.
i honest to you, that i am not rich n can’t fund my researh, but i have idea that need to made.

in this research, reseach will run/work if the fund have reach minimal 1000 btg n researh time 2-3 month for smal-large model/6 month for big model(if the money enough…lol).

i say thank you for your attention

if you belive n interesting n want to contribute for this reseach, you can donate some btg. i appreciated that n say thank you.

btg donate : GX6oFaz5WkYs1s4qoCauuGT4MriYuCt5QD

This assumption is incorrect; there is no problem with cost of electricity as regards mining with our new algorithm. There is some confusion between hashpower and hashrate. Power consists of GPUs doing work. Rate is a measure of solutions per second.

We often estimate hashpower in hashrate. This works well to compare one GPU to a different GPU when both are using the same algorithm.

However, you can not use hashrate to compare power between two different algorithms, because the algorithms have different hashrates when powered by the same GPU.

We know that the same GPU, with the same power profile, will produce about 12 times as many solutions with the old <200,9> as with the new <144,5>. This means equivalent hashpower will produce 1/12th as much hashrate with the new <144,5>.

We can see from historical data that the change to the new algorithm on July 3rd resulted in no material loss of hashpower on the BTG network. (Click link for detailed FAQ with graphs.)

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thanks for your attention mentalnomad.

your explanation very help full us about btg. i will learn again about the hashrate and hashpower and relation hashrate to solution(sol). i am sory, i m not programer. i just miner. i was interesting in btg since hardfork and other equihash 144.5.

but we know, every day anda week, the difficulty will be increase, in this case, time for mining and get block will be increase. this consequences the cost of ellectrisiti will be increase too. for this day, we will earn btg profitable, but for 2 or 3 years ago… any body knows. its like BTC, for the begining launch, BTC is can mining by CPU, right now…it was so difficult to mine BTC.

my research is use for long time to mining.

i hope the next new GPU will be better and low ellectrisity, nvidia and amd may be can increase 10-20% sol…

The Difficulty is adjusted automatically by the DAA - Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm.

If the time for mining new blocks gets too long, then the Difficulty is turned down. This will bring the time back down to 10 minutes.

If the time for mining new blocks is too short, then the Difficulty is turned up. This will bring the time back up to 10 minutes.

The reason Difficulty tends to go up over time is because more and more people are mining… so the Difficulty needs to go up to keep the time at 10 minutes.