Post of the month top 4 - March 2018

It’s time to vote on the Post of the Month for March!

What’s the prize?

1st place: 1 BTG
2nd place: 0.25 BTG
3rd place: 0.1 BTG
(To be awarded sometime in the first two weeks of April.)

This month we have four posts only, we like all of them and we think they all deserve to win, however, the public voting will decide which one takes the first place. Good luck everyone!

The four items will be posted on Twitter in random order, at roughly the same time, and scored as follows:

Retweet = 3 points
Like = 1 point

We’ll give Twitter seven days - 168 hours - to help us decide the winning order, and then announce the winners and pay out the prizes.

Here are links to the Tweets and the original posts:

First option
post: 5 Great Things About Bitcoin Gold!

Second option
post: Bitcoin Forks: Bitcoin Cash Vs. Bitcoin Gold

Third option
post: Post of the month - March Edition

Fourth option
post: Lets Take BTG To The Next Level

Remember, it’s not Twitter comments that will be counted - it’s Likes and Retweets.

(And yes, a great reply to one of these four posts can win for April.)

Thanks everyone who participated.

Final Results Charts and Winner’s table


Hope to win it this time… good luck to everyone… may the best man, ermmm… post, Win! :slight_smile:

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I hear you! Good luck, and remember at the end of the day we are all on the same team :slight_smile:



For next month we can reply to any response to enter? If so can I respond to myself? By making the presentation better in slideshow format? Or a YouTube video?


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That’s exactly right, Phil! More great content on the site is good for the coin and good for the community - so we all win.

You can improve old content and re-post it, and be eligible to win. Great work is all about editing, after all. But I’d recommend making it a new post, not a reply to an old one - it may be more likely to spark engagement.

Replies are eligible for the reward, too, but that’s really about making sure people know that writing a great reply to someone else’s question is just as capable of winning as a new posted Topic. What’s important is the value of the contribution you make.


Hey Phil, The Post of the Month - April Edition is already up, you can post your new article there

Post of the Month - April edition


Thank you for the information. I will try to make it different. Great job guys!


Thanks everyone for the likes and retweets of the post… Most importantly thank you everyone for your efforts in promoting BTG to all whom you can reach out to… have been doing my little part too… n thanks BTG team for your continuous efforts that have made BTG such a success with an amazing rate of community growth… you guys are awesome! keep it up!


I have received the 1 BTG prize… Thank you BTG team and thank you BTG community for your support with the likes and retweets in twitter… u guys are awesome! Most importantly, lets share all these great posts created by the Bitcoin Gold community to spread the word and to do our little parts in sharing knowledge with family and friends…


Thank you, Yassin, for participating and taking the time to help the Bitcoin Gold project.


Only did what small part I could do… a big thanks to you guys who have done an amazing job with the BTG project… It could not have been successful without all that long hours of hard work… Keep it going BTG team… The bitcoin gold community is behind you all the way… :slight_smile:

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El mejor proyecto futuro BTG!!