Post of the Month - October 2018

It’s time for October Edition and this time we have another special PRIZE. A KASSE - Hardware Wallet, de Hyundai Pay.

Everyone is invited to participate!

Suggested Topic: "Bitcoin Gold adoption"

What’s the prize?

1st place: A KASSE Hardware wallet
2nd place: 1.50 BTG
3rd place: 1 BTG

(To be awarded sometime in the first two weeks of November.)

How does it work?

At month’s end, BTG staff will choose five finalists from the Forum.

The Community will vote on the finalists via Twitter to decide the winners.


  • any new Topic post or response anywhere on the Forum which is timestamped within the month is potentially eligible to win, whether or not it was intended as an entry
  • does not have to be BTG-specific, but must be crypto-related in some way and this month’s topic suggestion is Hardware wallets.
  • cannot contain offensive or hateful speech
  • cannot focus on price speculation (thoughtful discussion on markets and valuations is OK)
  • BTG Team/Staff are not eligible

(Feel free to edit your work based on feedback from the Community - every good writer knows that their first draft is never their best!)

Selection Criteria

When selecting finalists, at least two members of the Bitcoin Gold Forum team will review all potential winners and select the top five articles based on the following guidelines:

  • usefulness to the Community
  • accuracy and trustworthiness
  • number of views
  • likes (Community appreciation)
  • comments (Community engagement)

Responding to your favorite posts with likes and comments here on the forum is the best way to ensure it will be a contender at the voting time.


The top five items will be posted on Twitter in random order, at roughly the same time, and scored as follows:

Retweet = 3 points
Like = 1 point

We’ll give Twitter seven days - 168 hours - to help us decide the winning order, and then announce the winner.

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Selected as the FIRST CONTENDER - POST OF THE MONTH - October’s Edition

In order to increase adoption, I would like to see a BTG debit/credit card from Visa or MasterCard that would be directly linked to my BTG wallet. There won’t be any need to go thru partners or to search for shops who support BTG payment or to go thru 3rd party in order to change few BTGs to fiat.
It would bring the BTG closer to people since they would be able to use BTG in every-day life anywhere in the world.
Imagine it!
You shopping at your local shop and when going to pay you to ask for credit card payment and take out a nice glossy black card with a huge Bitcoin Gold logo.
Besides its easy and comfortable usage, it would also serve as an advertiser each time you take it out in the public bringing the coin to attention to anyone who sees it.


I agree that crypto-linked credit cards are a convenient way to access the conventional merchant community while using crypto. We talk to crypto-centric credit card issuers often, and would love to see more traditional credit card issuers become more crypto-friendly for their users.

Have you made your suggestion to any major card issuers who work in your country? I’m in the US, and because of the regulatory environment here, we’re generally the last to see progress with credit cards. (Every one of the 50 states has its own regulations, so issuers generally enter every other market before trying to tackle the US market. :frowning: )


Selected as the SECOND CONTENDER - POST OF THE MONTH - October’s Edition

So, bitcoin is like gold?
In a sense, yes. Gold is no longer a UFO value that is not subject to market fluctuations and bitcoin has seen its extreme volatility shrink (a bit …). Bitcoin is a risky investment but a long-term investment or even a very long-term one. I, of course, use possible to use bitcoin as a currency but it is necessary to fight to find merchants accepting them. In addition, transaction fees do not encourage paying in bitcoins. And gold in all this? Gold can also be traded in currency … as finally can be bitcoin as long as it is not an easily usable currency.

However, in the long run, I take the risk of saying no. Gold is and will remain only a raw material. The gold standard system disappeared in 1971 and the yellow metal remains locked in a financial investment perspective. On the contrary, Bitcoin is meant to leave this status of financial investment, status forced because of its confidentiality, for that of currency. Bitcoin and gold, therefore, have different purposes.


Selected as the THIRD CONTENDER - POST OF THE MONTH - October’s Edition

Names are very powerful.

The name Bitcoin Gold suggests to me Safe and Store of Value.

For Bitcoin Gold to reach large scale adoption I believe it must embrace its name.

Trying to go the same direction as Bitcoin Cash or lighting network to me is a mistake. Why pursue peer to peer cash when they have a better name and a huge head start in adoption for this objective.

Bitcoin Gold community should be known as the store of value coin. The most resistant to centralization and the peoples coin!

Everybody should be mining BTG. When coins like BTC and BCH are owned by big mining companies BTG will stand alone as the coin of the people.

In the end, it may not be the fastest and the cheapest fee’s but will be the best store of value. People will run to BTG when big miners in the BTC and BCH space are fighting over “crypto politics”.

BTG, the people’s coin will be the safe haven during times of uncertainty.

Extreme decentralization and easy as possible for people to join in on the mining.

This is what I would market and emphasis.

Go BTG!!


I live in Slovakia :smiley: we dont have any card issuer here all the cards are shipped from abroad most of them from Gemalto they HQ is in France for the EU region if i am not mistaken.
I dont think that such delicate matter as credit cards for cripto should be handled just by a community member more like a staff member ho can act as official BTG representative should handle the contact.

Well i can see that Wirex and Uquid booth UK based booth providing direct top-ups and direct link to their wallets in their apps shipping their cards world wide without problems but i dont know who is their card issuer anyway i dont see a reason (at least for now) why we cant do it as well for our Coin.

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We’re happy to handle actual contacts, but don’t sell yourself short - the community can and must be active, as well. Companies respond to customer demand.

When I talk to someone at one of these companies, they can tell me, “none of our customers have requested this,” or they can say, “yes, people have been asking for this.” Which do you think works better to establish a partnership?

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i know where you aim but the problem is iam not their customer iam a customer of a bank and the bank is their customer considering this iam on low position in this chain but never less i dont have a single problem to write them an email with questions/queries but i think this shouldn’t be one mans decision and such letter/email would have more pressure if it will be in the name of the community or signed but the community members as a official document or based on some official document… at least based on my personal experience confirmed also at the beginning of the coin when was helping to push the coin on first few exchanges it worked mach better like it than a pure request of one unknown guy …maybe contacting the already existing platforms to get the info who is their issuer if they are wiling to disclose this information would be worth a shot as well.or if we have here someone who already has their new card we can find it out pretty easily and move forward towards the issuer who is already dealing with card for crytos
iam not sure if gemalto even deals with individuals even their contact form is requesting company position and department info
Edit: Done some digging found out that warex it totally backed up by Contis Financial Services Ltd with the cards
uquid is partnered with BITGO but didnt find any info about who is issuing the cards for them

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Selected as the FOURTH CONTENDER - POST OF THE MONTH - October’s Edition

My post


Selected as the FIFTH CONTENDER - POST OF THE MONTH - October’s Edition

A product improvement lies in how you sell it, it does not matter if there is something better if people are not convinced they will not invest. The plus of gold draws much attention but if we add on the one hand that Bitcoin is still young and with uncertain future, it’s better to trust a company that has gold backing up the cryptocurrency. Create explanatory videos about your company, create transparency, presentation of team members, become human before the world and do not forget the Hispanic community that can be a great customer. Best wishes!

I going to use Spanish to do a good opinion. La mejora de un producto radica en como lo vendas, da igual que haya algo mejor, si la gente no esta convencida no invertira. El plus del oro llama mucho la atencion pero si sumamos por un lado que Bitcoin es algo joven y todavia con futuro incierto a tener que confiar que una empresa tenga oro respaldando una criptomoneda pues sinceramente ya tengo que estar muy convencido. Creen videos explicativos sobre su empresa, creen transparencia, presentacion de los miembros del equipo, haganse humanos ante el mundo y no olviden la comunidad hispana que puede ser un gran cliente. Suerte.

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:roll_eyes: great i posted the same idea 5 days ago

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Title of the this video is “Home GPU mining is dead”

Its time for BTG to seize this opportunity and bring in all these home GPU miners!

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For better Bitcoin Gold adoption, the team need to work with payment processsors like bitpay (which also offer crypto debit cards).

Payment processors will allow users to pay with bitcoin gold and this will result in better adoption.

Having native bitcoin gold miner will be excellent. It would be icing on the cake if we have both AMD and Nvidia integration in one single miner. More miners = more interest in platform.


We have been, and will continue to do so. Note that BitPay, however, only uses Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and is often believed to be a Bitcoin Cash partisan, reducing our chance of making headway.

You mean like

You mean like LolMiner?

See: lolMiner 0.6 - alpha preview is available (1080ti: 89sol/s, 1080: 54 sol/s, Vega 64: 44sol/s)

We’re working hard and making progress. :slight_smile:




CONGRATULATIONS! You have won the second place of the POTM October’s Edition.

You will receive a prize of 1.50 BTG

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Thanks for participating!
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CONGRATULATIONS! You have won the first place of the POTM October’s Edition.

You will receive a KASSE hardware Wallet to store your BTGs! We hope you like it as much as we do.

We will need your full name and address in order to ship it over to you.

Thanks for participating!
BTG Team

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CONGRATULATIONS! You have won the third place of the POTM October’s Edition.

You will receive a prize of 1.00 BTG

Please confirm that this is your BTG address: GdMymUkD2WVQisNkkgwZT69ga75vqDVQ2B

Thanks for participating!
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Here is my BTG address.


Thanks! I replied below but meant to reply here. Thanks!!

Here is my BTG address.


Perfect. Thanks, we will proceed to pay the prize.