Pls Help to Config


Hello can anyone help me pls?
i download the \BTG-nVidia.miner.0.3.4b

my bat is

miner --server --user Bosshorst.Bosshorst1 --pass x --port 20595 --algo 144_5 --pers BgoldPoW

it mines 2 days with ~ 20 sol but i didnt see anything in dashboard ore wallet.

workers always marked as not aktiv or means the X it is aktiv?

what do i wrong?


Config string looks OK, if the user is right.

I believe a black X means it’s not active. Make sure your worker login matches - a screenshot shot of your worker configuration page section might help.

I’m not sure what this is - I don’t recognize it from the List of MIners Supporting Equihash-BTG.

When you look at your mining console, are you seeing shares “accepted” or “rejected?” If they’re not "accepted, then something is not right.


i think maybe you should be using EWBF v03


you mentioned btg nvidia miner which I remember installing a while back before the hard fork. bitcoin gold changed its algorithm to combat asics this miner is a outdated version of ewbf and does not support the new algorithm you can download the new version from here!fsAlmZQS!CwVgFfBDduQI-CbwVkUEpQ the .bat file you created should still work with it.


Thanks - but please reference the original source where possible so that people can tell if you’re linking to the real download, or to some malicious copy - and so that the information stays current in light of future updates.


The links there as of 7/16 appear the same as posted by @Acetk, above:

Windiws -!fsAlmZQS!CwVgFfBDduQI-CbwVkUEpQ
Linux -!3xYlSJDK!kG4kVLg1arbBuq1dd8u9aA


where do i get user and pass? i followed instructions but nothing speaks about user/password and how to joing a pool
thanks in advance for your answers