Please tell us your forecast when BTG price will go up

BTG Price always went down till today during last 6 month .
too much hard time .


Когда будет “Молния” и будет собственная дебет карта btg тогда btg начнёт рост.

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I think it will go up when there is a good use for it.

man the whole crypto market is like this for half year …and we a small coin follow it so wait for BTC pump and we will follow it as well

Thank you for effort . but
I think too many BTG quantity now , i suggest decresse or lock some quanttity .
here is south korea .

As per the latest cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Crypto Price is at $32.6472. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) traded up 4.86% against dollar since this time yesterday. Bitcoin Gold right now has a market cap of $558,709,443 and its 24hr volume is around $12,240,000. Within the period over the past seven days, Bitcoin Gold is 13.04% against the dollar with a development of -1.49% inside the last 60 minutes.


Playing tricks with coin supply is a way to manipulate markets - that’s more appropriate for pump & dump scams than for legitimate cryptocurrencies trying to establish Sound Money.

We’re not trying to make a spike for profit tomorrow - we’re growing a reliable crypto that will be a good investment for years.


Рост биткоин золото. Это скоро произойдет.

Их уже немного, их уже скупили, на рынке осталась лишь пыль.

I understand , I like BTG future and thank you till now .
but people will expect pump sometime .
I have a long wait for BTG price going up last 6 month .
you know that investor of BTG is not a charitable for a long long time .
they want to make profit by the BTG future .