Please help anyone!

I have being mining bitcoin gold for 4 months. and just for the pass 2 day i have not being getting payout. does any one know why and how can i fix this? Thank you for your help!

That’s very little information to work with.

So my suggestion: Get in touch with the pool owner.

hi. isn’t the network undergoing some updates after the recent attack. I too have pending transactions but I think you’ll find it will be resolved soon.

since the attack all the online wallets ,exchanges and pools increased the needed amount of the verification therefor the transactions will take longer it always depends on the particular exchange/wallet how many confirmation they require
the updates will came soon and will be announced before they

Yes i noticed some comments on this matter, my bittrex BTG wallet has been offline for two weeks now at least, just waiting, trying to keep positive minded. :slight_smile:

well we are one of the most profitable equihash coins :smiley: but i would choose to mine to wallet instead directly on exchange in case something like this will happen again

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Take note Bittrex BTG wallet is now functioning normally again with no more restrictions. Just checked mine.


yes, but i had a few on the exchange when it closed the wallets, so they were in limbo i guess and i had transaction floating around for 4 months. All is well now, all of my transactions have landed in my bittrex wallet. thanks for the info guys… :slight_smile: